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Four years ago today Nick and I tied the knot. It’s hard to believe! I don’t think I can top last year’s post, but I do want to say that having a child has been absolutely wonderful for our marriage. If things were good before then they’re great now. I think parenting brings out the best in us. And it’s been so fun to watch Nick slip into his role as a father. Here’s a very bad cell phone picture of us taken last year on our anniversary. This was two days before Jack was born!

2012-06-27 19.40.27 (428x570)

And here we are a few weeks ago. Baby is now on the outside and I am distinctly less miserable.

charnickjackstand01 (380x570)

I don’t think we’ll be doing anything in particular to celebrate. We’re a little partied out between spending last weekend in New Orleans and preparing for Jack’s birthday party on Saturday. But we’ll try hard to be extra sweet to each other and maybe one night next week we’ll get a babysitter and head out to dinner with just the two of us.

Also! Pictures of Cassie, Nic, and Olive!

cassie nic and olive (570x378)

Fingers crossed that they all get to go home soon! I can’t wait to give that sweet baby kisses once she’s strong enough to withstand my germs. Despite being five weeks early she is doing really well in the NICU.

Thanks for reading, y’all, and for putting up with what is turning out to be a slow week in terms of crafty and DIY projects. If Nick remembers to bring our extension cord home from his work today then I can hang my macrame plant hanger this evening and post about it tomorrow! These are the things that get me excited, haha.

This week is ca-razy. We were out of town last weekend which always throws me off and Jack’s birthday is this coming weekend and between all that MY FRIEND CASSIE HAD HER BABY!!! Little baby Olive was five weeks early and has needed some help adjusting to the world via the NICU. I’ve been busy fretting and ooohing and ahhhing at pictures and trying to help however I can. She was born on Sunday but I wanted to wait until Cassie and Nic had a free moment to put it on facebook before mentioning it on my blog. I wish I could show you pictures of her beautiful face but out of respect for their privacy I’ll wait until they make those pictures public themselves. Suffice to say that even though I have yet to meet her in the flesh I am absolutely smitten, and so proud of my dear friend for weathering a difficult situation with strength and grace (and Grace just happens to be little Olive’s middle name, fittingly). Gosh they are just an amazing little family.

So anyway, Jack’s birthday is on Saturday and we are halfheartedly preparing. The house is a mess and I haven’t bought any food, but something tells me it’ll all come together just fine because the really important thing is that my baby is turning one. I can’t believe it. We’re keeping the decorations simple, but I had an idea to bring in a little color for the food table with some oversized confetti cut from tissue paper. I started with this value pack of multicolored tissue paper I got for $5 at CVS.

004 (362x570)

I pulled out several shades of green, blue, and yellow and lined them all up as neatly as I could.

008 (570x380)

Then I just used this little circle punch I already had to start cutting big pieces of confetti.

013 (570x379)

It was easy to just cut off the scraps and start a new row, working my way across the sheet. I dropped the confetti pieces into an empty wipes container as I went.

019 (364x570)

How cute will these be scattered about on the food table?

027 (380x570)

I also really like the idea of using decoupage to affix these to a canvas or piece of scrap wood or something to create some fun and modern art that’s perfect for a nursery or a particularly young feeling grown-up room. And I think the $5 price tag was totally reasonable for adorable oversized confetti in my choice of colors, plus I’ve got a ton of tissue paper left over for stuffing gift bags or using in other projects. I might even use some leftover confetti to make some art for my laundry room–the colors are perfect.

So that’s it for today y’all. I’m off to clean house and make groceries! Thanks for reading!

ps also I forgot to mention yesterday–I’m now a part of the BlogHer publishing network! This is just another way for me to try to justify my blogging habit by making a little income. You see that ad on the sidebar to the right? I totally earned 59 cents yesterday because of it. Yay money! My sponsors’ ads are still there as well, they’re just a little further down the sidebar. If you’re interested in joining them you can get all the details here!

We didn’t have formal newborn photos taken of Jack. I took some photos of him myself at home and I’m happy with that decision. But as Jack’s first birthday approached I really wanted to have some photos taken of us as a family. I know that this time is fleeting and I wanted to capture not just Jack, but Nick and me as young parents. My friend Brandi does portraits as a hobby and agreed to take some for us. It was so wonderful and I wanted to share my favorites with you.

She came over first thing in the morning last Sunday (Father’s Day) and took a few photos outside before knocking on our door.

charhouse01 (570x380)

charentry01 (380x570)

She took this one of Jack while I was changing his diaper just before getting him dressed.

charbabyjackwhite01j (570x380)

We took the majority of our photos at City Park. It’s only half a mile from our house and we spend a lot of time there as a family, so it felt like a really meaningful place to be for pictures.

charnickjackstand01 (380x570)

Jack is such a daredevil and loves loves loves being held upside down, swung around, etc. Nick is happy to oblige.

charjackupside (570x380)

I die.

charjackandnick (380x570)

We walk here all. the. time. It’s quite possibly one of my favorite places on Earth.

charwalkto (380x570)

I think this one is my favorite, even though you can’t see Jack’s face and can barely see mine. It’s my new facebook cover photo.

charteaser (570x380)

charblanket02 (570x380)

charjackcrawl01 (380x570)

If only Jack weren’t looking so disgusted this might be the perfect photo.

chartryforosfamily (570x380)


charkisses (570x380)

Brandi really likes these unposed everyday shots the best. This is something I do at least once a day–standing on the front walk with Jack on my hip while Juliet does her business.

charbrandifave (380x570)

We took a few more pictures back at the house and they are some of my favorites.

charporch (380x570)

charjackcrib (570x380)

charjuliette (570x380)

charnurs05 (570x380)

charbedrm02 (570x380)

There are so so so many more that I wish I could share, but I had to stop somewhere! We also took some pictures of Jack nursing for me to look back on in years to come and even though they are beautiful and tasteful I’m just not quite comfortable posting them online. They will definitely go into an album for me to cherish!

Brandi took these for us as a favor between friends, but she’s toying with the idea of doing a few sessions professionally. If you’re in the Baton Rouge area and interested you can email her, but she’s got a full time job and a bad habit of running competitively so she doesn’t have a ton of time on her hands to do a ton of sessions.

Thanks for reading, y’all, and I hope you had a fabulous weekend! We spent the night away from Jack for the first time ever to attend my ten year high school reunion. We had an absolutely amazing time!

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes. I buy most of what I wear on clearance or at the thrift store and hold onto it for years. I do like to look cute, though, and a trick I’ve used for years to efficiently make my way through racks of deeply discounted garments is to know my colors. It’s so much easier to scan quickly for colors that you know work well on you than to painstakingly assess each item one at a time. Once I spot something in a color that I like I’ll pull it out to see what I think of the fabric, cut, size, etc.

For a long time I just had an informal idea in my head of what colors I liked to wear, but a few months ago I googled seasonal color analysis and WOW has it been helpful! There are tons of sites out there, but I really like this one. Turns out I’m a soft summer. I totally saved the description as a screenshot on my phone so that I can refer to the color suggestions when I’m shopping.

2013-05-14 10.54.54 (380x570)


soft summer (570x379)

The Chic Fashionista


I don’t take a lot of responsibility for Nick’s wardrobe. I pretty much leave him to fend for himself and that often results in clothes that are tattered and out of style because he is so cheap that he asks for socks for Christmas so he won’t have to buy them himself. But every now and then if I’m shopping for myself I’ll look around for shirts for him and it’s nice to know what colors work well with his complexion. It was easy for me to take the color analysis quiz on his behalf because I look at him every day. He has obvious deep features with an overall warmth to his skin and eyes. So handsome =).

Sept 2 2012 southport ct (2) (251x377)

deep autumn (570x425)

The Chic Fashionista

And because I am a crazy person, I analyzed my baby’s colors. I can’t be wasting my money on clothes that don’t do  him justice! I’ve been saying since the day that this child was born that he just doesn’t look good in most shades of blue and it’s nice to finally be validated. Jack is warm all over and looks best in warm, muted colors. He’s also the cutest, sweetest baby that ever lived.

021 (2) (406x570)

warm autumn (570x467)

The Chic Fashionista

It’s so much easier to save money on clothes when you’re not haphazardly buying stuff that may or may not actually look good on you. For women it’s also important to know what shapes work with your body (peplum is never going to be doing me any favors, but skinny jeans are surprisingly flattering). I guess that could be true for guys, too, but honestly I’m doing good if I can just get Nick to wear something without any holes. We’re taking family photos this weekend and I used these color suggestions to pull together outfits that look good on everybody and with each other! More on that tomorrow, I think. Have a happy Thursday, y’all. One more day til the weekend!