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I saw something on TV the other day about how some celebrity I’d never heard of is doing her part to save the world by only buying clothes secondhand. I can do that, I thought. I buy most of my clothes at the thrift store already anyway.

Resolution No New Clothes

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If you’ve spent much time in thrift stores (or sorting through donations for nonprofits or following a disaster), you know that our society is absolutely overrun with clothes. It’s a burden. And at my local Goodwill I regularly walk out with Banana Republic, J. Crew, Calvin Klein, and the less fancy but still adorable Loft, Target, Gap, and Old Navy items for $3 a pop. It’s kind of jarring when you think about it that clothes are mass-produced, worn for a short time, then sent to languish on thrift store racks while they are still in good condition. It’s the definition of excess. Thanks to Macklemore thrifting is becoming more popular but it’s still kind of stigmatized and there are still more clothes than we could ever need getting donated to thrift stores every day (as evidenced by the fact that bales of them are shipped overseas). So my resolution for this year of my life is to not buy any more brand new clothes. I can still shop thrift stores and even hit up eBay or consignment shops, but I’ll stick strictly to secondhand until my next birthday. If this goes well maybe I’ll try doing it for Jack next year! Nick is more difficult to shop for because he needs everything in a tall size, but he hates spending money on clothes and hardly ever buys new stuff anyway. I’m still debating about whether shoes count. They definitely wear out more quickly and there are not nearly as many in thrift stores, so I may give myself permission to pick up a new pair now and then. But since Nick got me these** for my birthday I should be good for a while!

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We bought our house at the very end of March 2010 and moved in a week later. The Monday after we moved was my birthday and I took the day off from work to finish unpacking and organizing. I was so happy! Four years later I still love this house and tomorrow I’ll turn 29. It seems like the older I get the faster time flies, but I’m still grateful to be yet another year older. Fingers crossed that this is a great one!

Do not regret growing older

Have a lovely weekend, my friends, and thanks for reading!

I intentionally designed Jack’s nursery so that it could easily transition to a “big boy” room someday. I can’t believe that he will be two this summer. Time flies!

020 (570x380)

14 nursery 2 (570x380)

I’m really in no hurry to get him out of the crib, but he is a climber and after seeing him put his foot on top of the rail a few times I asked my mother in law if her offer still stood to gift us a pair of twin beds that she purchased in the early 90′s. They’re solid wood and can be used as bunk beds or side by side. Since they can be bunk beds they also include a set of matching guardrails that we will try installing on both sides of one bed to make it more toddler-friendly; or maybe we’ll push the bed into a corner so that we only need one rail. Regardless, the pieces are currently piled in our junk room, I mean guest room, while I take my time sourcing linens and a mattress.

004 (570x380)

I know people hate when you paint wood blah blah blah but I’m gonna do it. I’ve been dying to paint a bed kelly green ever since I saw this photo and I think it’ll look so cute in Jack’s room. In addition to the painted bed, I’m envisioning a fun patterned pillowcase, basic white sheets (bleachable!), and a lightweight comforter. There’s lots of color going on and some additional pattern on the nearby rocking chair so I don’t want to go crazy with big patterns. I’d also like to avoid getting locked into a “theme” that he’s likely to outgrow.

boys bedroom inspiration

1. Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore (wall color) 2. Ball Game by Allen + Roth 3. Geometric Squared fabric 4. basic white sheets 5. Circo Basic Quilt Set – Green

I’d love to put both beds in there, but he can’t be trusted with a ladder so that rules out bunk beds and I’m not sure there’s enough room to put both beds on the floor. It’s the smallest room in our house and the layout is limited by several architectural elements (our baby has a fireplace in his room, like that’s not weird at all). I’m not in a hurry to move him but it does make me feel better to know that we at least have the bed. That way if I come in after naptime to find him playing on the floor I can just go ahead and get a mattress right away. I’m just so nervous that I’ll hear a thump followed by wailing instead! I know that every kid is different and there’s no magic age to move them out of the crib–you just have to use your judgement based on your child’s development–but I was expecting to have a while longer. Next thing I know he’ll be asking to borrow the car!

These last few months with Jack have been a lot of fun. He’s finally walking all over the place, he’s picking up new words every day, and his little personality is just sparkling.

025 (380x570)

His physical therapist comes every week and he loves her. She helps him do fun things that will also make him stronger, like climbing steps, carrying things around, and walking over the old sidewalks in our neighborhood–they’re riddled with tree roots and the extra challenge is good for him.

075 (570x380)

He is so sweet these days. He says please and thank you and still loves to be held. He wants to read books and play outside all day.

084 (570x380)

He’s really into opening and closing doors of all kinds. He loves walking out to the sidewalk and closing the gate to our picket fence behind him, then continuing on his mission to make it to the neighbors’ yard before I reach him.

126 (381x570)

He’s also still a big fan of his swing. His PT told me that this kind of stuff–swinging around and even going upside down–is actually really good for developing his sense of balance. Something about fluid in the inner ear. And those bucket swings in the park are even better because they work the core muscles. I’m really enjoying getting to pick her brain every week while she works with him.

016 (380x570)

I’ve got to say, I am loving the toddler stage. My personality is much better suited to chasing after a toddler than tending to a demanding infant. I can see little bits of both Nick and myself in his personality–he’s stubborn and bookish like me, cuddly and sports-loving like Nick. And of course every kid has that certain je ne sais quoi that is theirs alone.