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I’m still loving the terrarium I created last spring. The only thing is that the fern I planted inside is a little, um, dead.

004 (380x570)

After gazing at a dead fern over dinner one too many times I decided to make a change. I picked up a small sanseveria plant (also called snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue) for $3. I’ve got a couple of these elsewhere in the house and they’ve proven worthy of my affection (read: they survive extreme neglect). Plus the low water and light requirements were perfect for this application.

022 (380x570)

I brought the terrarium over to the sink and pulled out the old plant. The soil was so dry that it left a perfect hole where it had been.

027 (570x380)

Then I just popped the new plant in place! Easy as pie.

sanseveria terrarium

It’s so nice to have something living in there again. It was kind of weird to have a jug full of dirt, rocks, and a dead plant on my dining table for six months.

terrarium centerpiece

The moss is fake, if you were wondering. Well actually I guess it’s real but it’s dried and I bought it at a store. I suppose I could harvest some spanish moss from an oak tree perhaps but I prefer the pretty green color. I found the big, flat rock in my backyard.


Living things add such a special element to a space, don’t you think?

terrarium on dining table

Thanks for reading, my friends. Have a happy Wednesday!

Well, my friends, I’ve been working on it for months and talking about it for over a year, but the collection of family photos and other pretties on the big empty wall in my dining room is finally complete.

083 (570x380)

I say complete, but I still think that I want to switch out the fake antiqued mirror in the large frame for a regular mirror. I’ve lived with it for a few months and I’m just not loving it.

080 (570x380)

As for what’s up there, clockwise from top right: Nick and I at my college graduation (he graduated a semester earlier, but didn’t attend the ceremony); Nick and I each as young children; Nick’s Grandpa Sam with his brothers and mother; a photo from our family session this summer, Nick, Jack, and I visiting family in Connecticut last year; Nick and I at my friend Cassie’s wedding in 2009; one of our engagement photos (2008); my parents with Jack last year; and in the center are a photo of me, my sister, and my parents taken in 2003 and a photo of Nick’s parents when they were much younger.

099 (380x570)

On the other side, clockwise from top right: a vintage reproduction I’ve had forever; Jack around 10 months; my Grandma and Pawpaw Hamrick (he’s the one who passed away this summer); my huge extended family on my mom’s side last Christmas–there are 30 of us in that photo and that’s not even everybody; Nick and his three younger brothers circa 2001ish; my parents at their wedding; my Pawpaw Gulley holding Jack; and Nick’s Abuela in Puerto Rico when she was a young woman.

060 (380x570)

The embroidery I made fits in perfectly. I love the pop of kelly green.

070 (570x380)

There’s definitely room to grow out and up onto the wall as the years go by. This room really is the heart of our home–it’s smack between the living room and kitchen and where we eat all of our meals. I’m considering even putting the Christmas tree in here this year, though it doesn’t offer as many options for toddlerproofing as a few other spots I’ve considered (wherever I put it will likely be surrounded by a fortress of fake gifts to prevent him getting too close and inevitably pulling it down on top of himself. These are the things that keep me up at night).

I hope y’all are having a wonderful week and thank you as always for reading. You’re the best!

I finally hung the final frame on the wall in our dining room this weekend. Many of them are still empty but I’m one step closer to calling it complete.

072 (570x380)

There’s a small hole in the middle that I think will be filled perfectly by a 4″ embroidery hoop just as soon as I pick one up and stitch something to fill it. Is a simple monogram too predictable? In the photo below it looks like the mirror is crooked. I’m going to have to look into that.

082 (570x377)

Some of the things I find at thrift stores are very, uh, interesting. On the agenda this week is ordering prints to fill all these frames. I’d be lying if I said I was sad to see this little play on words go.

089 (570x380)

I hope you each had a wonderful weekend. We spent time with friends, hung around the house, watched our beloved Tigers lose and ate our feelings the next day. I’m back on the healthy eating wagon today despite all the yummy treats still lingering in our kitchen. I’ve got a ton on my to do list today so I can’t imagine I’ll have time for any more emotional eating!

Confession: sometimes in photos of my dining room I retouch the huge scratches on my wood floor. They’re from the edges of another piece of furniture that sat there ages ago and used to be hidden under the sofa, but now that we have two chairs there the scratches are pretty obvious. You can see them if you look closely below in this old photo that has not been altered at all, even to adjust the lighting.

031 (570x380)

031 (570x380) (2)

Can you see them? They’re right by the legs of the chairs. Now compare to the photo below, taken yesterday and also not altered in any way (other than to resize it for posting). Try and spot those scratches now!

004 (570x380)

They’re still there but much, much less apparent, thanks to something so simple–olive oil!

014 (570x380) 019 (570x380)

See? I didn’t even edit out all the dirt on my floors. This is total honesty, people. I just poured a little olive oil on a paper towel every night around dinner time and rubbed it on there, going with the grain. I wiped off the excess and that was that. Repeat once a day until you’re pleased. I didn’t remember to do it every day and still saw results within a week. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty much a miracle cure if you’re not willing to sand and refinish your floors. I wonder if it would have any effect on the giant watermark in the living room?

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you have a great weekend!