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I’ve been halfheartedly keeping my eye out for a globe to put in the playroom slash office. I thought it would look really good right there by the TV, but my hopes weren’t high that I would find one that looked nice and wasn’t vastly overpriced. Imagine my joy when my friend Brandi sent me a picture of one she was looking at in MY favorite thrift store. And it was only $8! I sent her money via Paypal right then and there to buy it for me. I love the brassy base and perfect colors.

416 (380x570)

Do you remember this post about putting a plant near the TV to hide the wires? Yeah, this is what happened to it. I blame Pistachio and my lax watering habits.

398 (570x380)

I picked up a new plant for $10 and I’m going to try hard not to kill it because I really like this one. I sprayed it with some of that stuff that deters cats and had a friend who is good at gardening advise me on watering. So far so good!

424 (570x380)

Can you believe how far this space has come since we got the expedit cube console last fall? You should’ve seen it before then! It was really junky. I actually really like it now.

As Jack gets older I can rearrange the contents of the chalkboard boxes to be toys, books, musical instruments, and costumes, and even rotate out the toys as needed to keep things interesting. I’m planning to eventually refinish the small pedestal table to the right and let him use it as a play table. I’m really excited about having a space that is both functional and stimulating for him to play in and easy on the eyes. I’m really interested in the Waldorf school of thought that children’s spaces and toys should be beautiful to behold, because kids can appreciate beauty too. The globe is a perfect example–when he gets older he can learn about geography in a tactile way by touching and spinning the globe, and in the meantime it’s a really pretty addition to the room. Everyone’s happy!

I’ve been searching for the perfect blanket to fold over the back of my office/playroom sofa for months. The top cushions are a favorite spot for all three of our pets because, hello, it’s a cushy spot right in front of the window (it’s also the ideal vantage point from which to await our arrival home). I finally found a solution I’m really happy with, and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner!

011 (570x380)

My friend and blog sponsor Brandi asked if I wanted an old dropcloth she had no use for and I gladly accepted it, thinking I was sure to find something to do with it (I’ve used dropcloths for all sorts of projects, like a floorcloth, a slipcover, a pouf, upholstery fabric, window shades, and Christmas stockings). When I got it from her I realized that it was huge! I started to fold it up on the office rug so I could store it neatly when I realized it could be folded to pretty much the exact dimensions I needed for a blanket. I laid it over the sofa and WOOPWOOP it looked great! I really like the more subtle tone-on-tone look. It’s like a little visual vacation as your eye travels up from the high-contrast rug.

The couch is covered in a washable slipcover, but the cushions are such a pain to wrestle in and out of their covers that I really only wash it every few months. The dropcloth can easily be pulled off every few weeks for a quick wash to keep things looking nice. Plus when I have something special coming up (like the baby shower that I’m hosting in two weeks) I can wash the slipcover ahead of time and then spread the dropcloth across the whole sofa to keep pet hair from accumulating before the big day. Dropcloths are really soft once they’ve been washed a few times and you can pick them up for cheap cheap cheap at hardware stores or online. The fabric actually looks and feels a lot like linen! And someday if I get tired of this arrangement the dropcloth will be free fabric for me to use in other projects. Winning!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! We were busy busy busy–between a crawfish boil with friends and a day trip to visit family I really didn’t get much done at all around the house! I may or may not have absolutely nothing to blog about this week. We’ll see how productive I am today!

I mentioned in February’s sponsor shout out post that I was totally digging the teal and pink afghan Brandi had for sale. Well luckily she and I are personal friends and she said it could live at my house for a little bit while I decide whether it’s right for me.

133 (570x380)

I am really liking the colors and the granny-tastic vibe, but I worry that combined with the rug it’s kind of a lot of geometric pattern.

123 (570x380)

Maybe I need a floral bolster pillow to mix things up. Or just a solid-colored blanket across the back of the sofa. I could diy one, perhaps, with a few yards of flannel. I just need

  • something


covering the back of this sofa because it’s a favorite perch for dogs and cats alike and I am so over squeezing the slipcover back onto those cushions after washing. I’m kind of digging the granny squares but I’m just not sure. What do y’all think?

I posted last week about how the yellow rug in our office/playroom has not exactly stood the test of time. The pile is matted and dingy, and it was time for it to go.

living well on the cheap office 1

Thank you so much for all of your suggestions in helping me choose a new rug! After reading your comments and personal messages I was kind of loving the idea of the rug below in khaki (pictured in the top right).Hand-hooked Alexa Moroccan Trellis Wool Rug (570x570)

Unfortunately the khaki was sold out, so I was torn between this rug in navy and another one in charcoal. I really couldn’t decide, so I asked Nick what he thought. He usually has little to no opinion on matters of home decor but for some reason he was really digging the navy. And since I preferred the pattern of that rug as well, into the cart it went. But not before I googled a coupon code. It was already on sale and then I got another $17 off. Winning!

Untitled (570x320)

Imagine my delight when I got to the next page and realized I had a $20 store credit! It was from the last time I bought a rug from Overstock and it went on sale right after. I emailed them and they gave me a credit for the difference, but I’d forgotten all about it until now.

Untitled1 (570x320)

I waited allllll dayyyy on Monday for my new rug to arrive. Totally a first world problem, but the FedEx guy didn’t show until nearly 7pm.  I had to work yesterday, so today is the first chance I’ve had to snap some pictures and share it with you!

021 (570x380)

The existing rug pad was shaped a little differently than the new rug, so I just trimmed it where needed with some scissors. This afternoon I’m going to experiment with hot gluing the extras onto the sides where it’s a little short, but if it doesn’t work it’s no biggie.

048 (570x380)

I looove the way it looks in here. It’s so soft and cushy underfoot and Jack is happily playing on it at this very moment. The dark blue really balances out the green undertones in the wall color. And hopefully it will hide a multitude of kid and pet disasters (though I think it will be a little higher maintenance in the pet hair department thanks to the saturated color). My only regret is that I didn’t get it sooner! And as for the navy ottoman, it’s been relocated to the living room since navy ottoman + navy rug was a little too much navy for me. It’ll get much more use in there anyway. Would you believe it if I told you the room actually feels bigger now? I think maybe it’s because there’s a few more inches of space between the rug and the shelving unit. Or maybe it’s the large-scale pattern. Who knows. All I knows is I likes it.