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When we first bought our house the front doors were painted white like the rest of the trim. On a bit of a whim I painted them blue two years ago.

2 front porch 1 (432x570)

I’ve been perfectly content with my muted blue doors for two years now. But last week I spotted this image on pinterest and be still my beating heart I think I need a navy door.

IMG_1192 (428x570)

on sutton place

I love the way it looks with the green ferns and white trim in the photo above (I have those too) and I think it would look even more amazing with the muted yellow of my house. Should I go for it? I’ve got half a quart of high-gloss navy paint left over from painting Jack’s dresser last year and if I hate it I’ve still got some of the original blue paint in my stash as well. It’s just paint, right? The only thing I’ve got to lose is hours of valuable time that I could be doing other things! I think the navy would be a more classic and authentic look for this old-enough-to-be-my-grandparent house. If somebody would come over and tape off all those panes of glass I’d paint it in a heartbeat.

I mentioned the other day that I spent most of my time in the car on our trip to Atlanta daydreaming about the house I’d love to build someday. I say build instead of buy because I have some pretty specific requirements. It must be surrounded by mature trees. It must have plenty of windows and a big ‘ol porch. It must be located within thirty minutes of both my parents and in-laws. And it must have a guest bedroom on the ground floor with an attached bathroom. Our grandparents on both sides of the family have had quite a bit of drama lately and it’s been a wake up call–I want to be sure I’m able to move a parent into our home someday if we need to, and having a suitable bedroom on the ground floor is critical to that end.

I prefer a traditional exterior and a focus on the outdoors. Behold, my favorite houses…

Better Homes and Gardens

FGY Architects |

houzz2 (570x305)
Roger Moraga |

Oh man. This last one just gets me. I want to go to there.

sunday in bed (435x570)
No source. If you know where this image is from please let me know so I can cite it! (and maybe visit?)

But while I love drooling over photos, what really gets me going is floor plans. My parents subcontracted the construction of their own home when I was in middle school and one of my favorite pastimes was paging through their home plan catalogs, then drafting out my own designs. Yesterday while Jack was napping I got out my graph paper and drew up my dream house based on a couple of different layouts I’d seen online. My grandparents had a business doing custom home designs for many years so maybe that’s why I like it so much.

future dream house

Bear in mind that I am filthy rich in this scenario. I think that this house would be about 3,000 square feet–a little bigger than I thought that I wanted but I can see it comfortably housing both an aging parent and a gaggle of kids (and someday grandkids). If I had my druthers, this would be the house I lived in until I died. But I know that most folks can’t afford to buy/build their forever home until they’ve been saving a little longer than we have so I’m not holding my breath that this dream will be realized anytime soon. Maybe someday though, right? If Nick rents a lot of cars and my student loans get forgiven and I keep on keeping on with the cheapness. Or maybe we’ll end up settling into a house that is not exactly perfect but still pretty great because, hello, we live there, and that’ll be enough. That’s probably what’ll happen.

Okay, well maybe that title is a little dramatic, but I am pretty excited about adding some more greenery to this little nook near the kitchen and laundry room. The herbs you see in the photo below have since gone to live outside and things are looking a little stark.

12 laundry 2 (415x570)

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at starting seeds indoors, but it’s hard to find a sunny spot that’s not vulnerable to cat attacks. This tiny greenhouse from Ikea is adorable and only $20! My friend Lauren (in Atlanta) picked it up for me this weekend and I can’t wait to get it when I see her in a few weeks. I think it’s much smaller than it appears in the photo below–the measurements indicate it’s actually about the size of that basket of herbs I had there before. I think it’ll be a really cute addition to the room and a fun spot to nurture tiny seedlings.


Another thing I’ve always wanted–a macrame plant hanger! Call me crazy, but ever since I saw a cluster of them hanging in one of my grandparents’ friends’ homes twenty years ago I’ve dreamed of having some macrame of my own. Sadly, I’ve never had the opportunity. Until now! This spot is perfect for a hanging plant (or two or three, but I’ll start with just one). I’ve been googling tutorials and I’m planning to get my macrame on ASAP. I just gotta get some cord to use first.


skinny laminx

What else should I put in this little nook? Maybe a happy poster or art print? A shelf or two? I think I need to wait and see how it comes together with the greenhouse and the hanging plant(s). There’s so much function jam-packed under that wood counter that I’m not too worried about what happens up top. I actually kind of love keeping the counter as clear as possible for a nice breath of fresh air between the often-cluttered kitchen and laundry areas. Plus the cats just love to lay in front of the window and look out. If you’re new here and wondering what the heck is behind that fabric skirt you can check it out here. This has quickly become one of my favorite spots in the house!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We had so much fun celebrating Nick’s first Father’s Day and taking some family portraits with my friend Brandi, but it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine thanks to the LSU Tigers losing their first game in the College World Series and Jack and I both being sick with a cold. Luckily, the CWS is double-elimination and a little cold is nothing that plenty of rest and fluids can’t fix. Thanks for reading, y’all. See you tomorrow!

I don’t have many good pictures of my kitchen. I don’t like the color and the lighting is awkward. These two are oldies from my house tour page (note to self: get your house clean enough to take updated pictures for the house tour page!).

kitchen 2 (570x428)

kitchen 1 (570x428)

Since those photos were taken I’ve made several changes in the adjoining laundry room, but the only thing I’ve done to the kitchen is replace the miniblinds with yarn block cafe curtains. I really really want to paint the kitchen walls. The color is just way too fleshy-beige for me and it’s got to go. I cannot handle the pink undertones. The big thing holding me back, besides my hatred of cutting in, is that from our front door you can see through the living room, dining room, kitchen, all the way to the laundry room. I’m really keeping it real with this photo, y’all. I took it this morning without doing any tidying beforehand.

008 (570x380)

The dining room is a nice taupe. It’s the darkest room in the house and a little cave-like at times, but I don’t mind it enough to paint. The laundry room is now white. I feel like the kitchen needs to bridge the two, or at least look nice with both colors. If I had my druthers I’d paint it white (less worry about cutting in, since the trim and cabinets are also white), but I feel like two white rooms right next to each other is just a bit much. I need something that sorts of lands midway between the two in terms of saturation.

022 (380x570)

So I’ve narrowed the prospective wall color down to three options: light gray, cream, or pale blue.

caitlyn wilson (380x570)

Caitlyn Wilson

This is similar to the color we painted Jack’s room, and I likes it. I think it would look really nice against the white cabinets, but I’m not so sure about the taupe dining room walls.

houzz (570x426)


The master bedroom and downstairs bath were both painted a creamy off-white when we bought our house and it’s surprisingly delightful. It’s neutral without being WHITE and I think it would definitely play nicely with both the dining room and the laundry.

the handmade home (570x380)

the handmade home

Every time I’ve ever painted a room anything but a neutral I’ve lived to regret it but man is this tempting. This kitchen even has the same beigey tile floors as mine they look great together! But I can just imagine those blue walls starting to close in on me after a few months and then I’d be stuck either living with it or cutting in around all those edges again. As I’m writing this post I’m really sort of leaning towards cream walls. Maybe I’ll stop by the Benjamin Moore store today and pick up some swatches? I feel bad that I use their colors but I never buy their paint. It’s just so expensive!

So, thoughts? I have literally been mentally debating this topic for months. I hate to paint, so whatever goes up on those walls needs to stand the test of time.