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I’ve been working on my plan for Jack’s nursery ever since we first found out we were expecting back in October, but until now it’s all been just in my head. Little by little it’s come together, and I finally feel like I’ve got a pretty good idea of where I want to go with it.

  1. Jenny Lind crib – $170
  2. DIY Ombre You Are My Sunshine Canvas
  3. Benjamin Moore Classic Gray
  4. Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad – $16
  5. Double Dresser in True Blue – $1179 (!)
  6. Bentwood Rocker – $15 secondhand (image from here)
  7. Pier 1 Teal Honeycomb Lamp – $55
  8. Geometric Retro Cushion Cover – $25
  9. Schumacher Zenyatta Mondatta Peacock Fabric – $128 (!)

Some of these things I’m pretty set on, like the crib, wall art, and rocking chair. Others are just inspiration. I definitely want to have a low, wide dresser double as a changing table, but I will definitely not be shelling out 1200 bucks for the one pictured here. I hope to spend at least 1100 fewer dollars on something secondhand and then paint it navy blue. Same goes for that chevron fabric. At over $100/yd it will definitely be serving more of an inspirational role in the real-life nursery. I’ve already got the rocker, plus I’ll be moving in a wooden side table from the living room to hold books, burp cloths, a colorful lamp, and whatever else I need to keep close at hand while rocking and nursing.

The room currently has a basic light in the ceiling, but I’d like to install a ceiling fan for air circulation and white noise. I can’t decide, though, whether to get one with a light kit or not. The switch is really inconveniently located behind a door and I’ll probably be keeping the room rather dim at night anyway, so I’m tempted to do just-a-fan and keep it on all the time, using the lamp for light. All the fancy bloggers always talk about how fans with light kits are ugly and I guess they’ve gotten in my head a bit. When I imagine selling our house eventually, though, I picture buyers frowning at a fan with no light. And when I think about it, the fans with lights in the living room, office, and guest room don’t bother me in the least. Maybe because we have high ceilings? Decisions, decisions…And as for the daytime light situation, the room gets great natural light so I’m planning to whip up some DIY blackout shades to play a supporting role to the white muslin curtain panels already there. Shades up = awesome natural light. Shades down = naptime perfection.

There are a few things i haven’t totally figured out yet, like a mobile, additional wall art, and extra storage, but I’ve got lots of ideas and am really excited to get started! I’m also happy that the one upside of having four freaking months left of pregnancy is that I’ve got plenty of time to put the room together at my own pace. No last-minute scramble for this girl (hopefully). My plan is to start with the big stuff and then let the rest of the room sort of fall into place. Priority mission: find a dresser.

This corner in the front room is pretty much the last bastion of clutter in my house. Like nearly every other room in the place, this room lacks a closet, so this out-of-the-way corner tends to amass all the random crap I need a place for in the office.

I’ve been thinking about craigslisting a bookcase, hutch, china cabinet, armoire, etc…something relatively inexpensive to maximize vertical storage on that wall. But then the other day I saw this project on another blog. She used inexpensive Ikea Billy bookcases and some standard trim to create a whole wall of built-ins for under $400.

pssss…if you want to pin either of these images please do so from the original post over at Centsational Girl

I took a gander at the Ikea website, broke out my tape measure, and realized that two of these $5o bookcases would fit perfectly in that space (and like Centsational Girl I’d just use a box cutter to notch out an opening for the light switch in the back).


And this $20 height extension would take it right up to the bottom of that weird part where the wall juts out below the ceiling (oh the joys of living in an old house–when central air was added the ducts had to go somewhere).


This is one of those things I’ll dream about for a while and may or may not ever actually make a reality. And I gotta admit, there are some advantages to the idea of just throwing a thrifted piece of furniture over there–it’s easy, inexpensive, and could maybe even incorporate some (gasp) concealed storage. OMG a cabinet with DOORS would be amazing. But I’m going to keep the possibility of creating built ins for under $200 in my pocket in case I’m still storage-less next time I get the itch for a big project.

I was totally inspired by the Nester’s recent move to paint her family room white. When she mentioned the ease of carrying the same color from wall to trim, my jaw about hit the floor. There are two things that have really been bugging me ever since Nick and I painted the laundry room blue last summer…

#1: The color may photograph well, but in real life it is just too much to live with day in, day out. I was looking for something a little more moody, like Lindsay’s dining room…

Living With Lindsay

But I missed it and ended up with more of a cotton candy feel. Plus, thing that’s been bugging me #2: I made a complete mess of it.

I’ve been meaning to go back and paint the trim for six months now. Obviously it ain’t happening. But if I painted the laundry room white, I could knock out walls and trim in one fell swoop. Then I could use art and accessories to add color, which is more my cup of tea anyway.

Centsational Girl

So I’m thinking on it. I’ve got a few concerns, mostly about it looking dingy over time OR making my very old washer and dryer look even older surrounded by all that bright, clean white. At the same time, I think it sill help the small room feel more expansive. I’ll let the idea bounce around in my brain for a few weeks before I break out a paintbrush, but today I’m feeling pretty excited about the idea. What do you think?

Do you read a lot of house blogs? I do. Every now and then I pop over to visit Edie, who had a horrible house fire last winter. She just moved into her new house and it. is. gorgeous.


I’m so inspired by her use of navy. It makes me want to paint something, anything, a dark, inky blue. Then I would step back and feel so sophisticated, so worldly. Navy is a color for grownups, and I wanna be a grownup.





What do you think? Does navy blue still scream 1980′s shoulder pads to you? I think I’m ready to embrace it in small doses. Nothing too crazy lest my house start looking like it belongs to an actual grownup. Can’t let that happen. Gotta keep things light around here.

I’m looking forward to a weekend spent at home relaxing. Maybe I’ll even get a thing or two done. I can’t bear to think about some of the projects that have been sitting unfinished for weeks, but a fun little craft project or two wouldn’t kill me. And my kitchen sure could use a good scrubbing. I’ll let you know how it goes. Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend?

p.s. I just realized I made a pun about the military on Veterans’ Day. How timely of me!