Behold, the Butterfly Bush

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  June 3, 2014 — 3 Comments

So a crazy thing happened. I talked about getting a butterfly bush and then I did it. And then Nick, who I usually have to cajole and beg to do yardwork, volunteered to plant it (he correctly assumed that I’d let him watch any number of college baseball games without complaint as a reward). This area of the yard has a lot of gravel under the grass but he managed to get a decent hole dug and then we back-filled with good soil.

007 (570x380)

I need to get some mulch for it, I think. I scattered some oak leaves over the soil for now but a good solid layer of mulch would do better to shade the dirt. It was overcast and about to rain when I took these photos but from my previous post you can see that this spot gets a big dose of hot Louisiana sunshine every afternoon.

002 (570x380)

It really doesn’t look like much, and I guess that’s fair seeing as it cost less than $15, but up close the blooms are pretty. I’m looking forward to someday having plenty to cut and bring inside.

008 (570x380)

Next thing you know I’ll be buying some hinges to fix that fence gate! If I hurry maybe I can get Nick to tackle it while he’s still trying to ingratiate his way into watching the entire College World Series in peace. Sadly, LSU was eliminated from the running last night but previous experience tells me he’ll adopt another team or two to root for.

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3 responses to Behold, the Butterfly Bush

  1. Pretty! You can add lantana which takes plenty of sun and thrives on neglect. Also I cut it down to the ground after winter and every year it comes back fuller and prettier. There are many colors. Plumbago is hardy and loves sun. Also cut down after winter and it thrives. Pretty blue/purple flowers. Put a bird feeder outside your window by sofa in your office and jack will love watching the birds! Butterflies love lantana! It comes in yellow, lavender and a mix of shades called “ham and eggs”.

  2. Lantana IS pretty, but it is also an invasive species in Louisiana and toxic to children and pets. I curse the day Whoever-it-was planted it at my house. It spreads by both rhizomes and seeds, so it gets out of control pretty quickly. I have been eyeing other people’s butterfly bushes and wondering, how long do they bloom? The blooms are gorgeous!

  3. I too finally planted a butterfly bush. It cost more than yours…$16.95 and it has no flowers yet. :( I wanted one for a long time, but we have done much dirt work around here for years and I felt I couldn’t plant anything. Even though mine is a spindly little thing, I have high hopes. One friend cautioned me not to buy one because they get so big so fast and take up so much room. That is exactly what I want if for. I need something in the yard but can’t plant a tree in that spot because of the neighbor’s power line.

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