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I picked up a graph paper spiral notebook recently and it rekindled my longstanding hobby of sketching plans for my future dream house.

IMG_20140722_0001 (408x570)

Pinterest is supplementing my fantasy nicely. Please let my future dream house have oak trees.

roofline (550x550)


My plans include not one, but two window seats.

window seat (300x400)

House Beautiful

And traditional meets modern built-ins similar to these.

built ins (570x380)

Michele Skinner

This is my dream tub. I love that I could slither down for a soak after washing my hair without having to contend with a wet shower curtain.

master bath (427x570)

The Colonial

And these floors! White hexagon and dot plus dark grout equals happiness.

bathroom tile (359x570)

Life in Grace

Yep, this is what my future bedroom will be like.

French doors, brick steps (348x450)

Cottage Living

I really want to have a detached carport or garage at the back of the house with a brick patio connecting the two.

brick patio connecting house to exterior building; pergola (406x406)

Bruce Clodfelter and Associates

Nick keeps laughing at me as I sketch away in my notebook and ask him ridiculous questions like, “Would you rather have a fireplace or a TV on our back porch?” But someday, y’all. Someday I will build this house.

To live in Piper’s NY home. Except I’ll pass on the stint in prison. Do y’all watch Orange Is The New Black? So great.

53971eb1dbfa3f5d64000f6b._w.540_s.fit_ (540x304)

Small Screen Spaces: Orange is the New Black | Apartment Therapy

To eat these. They look so yummy!
Spinach-Goat-Cheese-Stuffed-Mushrooms-1 (570x380)
To own a print of this. I’m not a big art person but I’m getting there, and this piece speaks to me.
tumblr_n52fozM7Je1ru2qa4o1_1280 (329x570)
To build something like this around my air conditioner. I start dreaming up all kinds of plans for the yard this time every year.
5789544065_f2fffee40e_b (380x570)

A few months ago I posted about how I fell in love with this house after watching the series premiere of Resurrection. Happily, I’ve gotten to see even more of it throughout the season. I loved it so much that I re-watched the last seven episodes online so that I could take screenshots. It didn’t take very long if I skipped past the scenes shot elsewhere and I kept the volume off so that I could multitask. Now I can refer back to these images if I ever get the opportunity to design my dream house. If you like it as much as I do be sure to check out my previous post for more photos.

front 1 (570x310)

There are living areas on either side of the entry.

living 2 (570x320)

I love those ledges with photos on the stair landing.

stairs (570x318)

The entry hall leads back toward the kitchen. It appears that this is an older home that’s been expanded as evidenced by the transition in the flooring you see here. Old houses are my favorite kind of house! Check out the glass-fronted cabinets full of books.

hall (570x319)

I know that these shots from the kitchen are dark but isn’t it beautiful? It looks like they have black soapstone on most of the counters and wood on the island. I’m not sure about that work triangle though–you’d have to walk around the island to get from sink to stove and back.

kitchen 2 (570x320)

kitchen 1 (2) (570x320)

Does this not look like the coziest formal dining room you ever saw? I want to eat Thanksgiving dinner there.

dining 1 (570x320)

And of course there’s an adorable dutch door at the back.

back door (570x319)

Which brings us to the amazing backyard. Shady trees, a big dining table, Adirondack chairs in a circle, and a hammock tucked in the way back. Have I ever mentioned my deep and abiding love for Adirondacks? Most comfortable chairs ever!

backyard (570x320)

Thanks to my internet stalking abilities I know that these scenes were filmed on location in Norcross, GA. Maybe I’ll take a drive by in a totally not-creepy way next time I’m in the Atlanta area. I know that a big part of the magic is in the styling but the good bones of a house like this are something special. I hope that someday I can recreate some of the ideas in my own home.

This past Sunday night Nick and I watched the series premiere of Resurrection on ABC and I could not keep my eyes off the gorgeous old house that the family lives in. It’s basically exactly what I imagine my future dream house to be: classic architecture and decor, modestly sized, and with a welcoming country vibe. I loved it so much that I wanted to pin it to my future dream house pinboard, but I couldn’t find any screenshots online. So I watched the show again on my laptop and took screenshots. That’s totally normal, right?

First, the exterior. I dream of a white house with a wide porch and a big yard.

exterior (570x320)

exterior2 (570x321)

exterior3 (570x320)

front porch (570x320)

You can catch a glimpse of the rear of the home in this shot. I love it.

exterior4 (570x320)

The entryway looks like it heads straight back to the kitchen, with living areas on either side.

entry2 (570x320)

entry (570x320)

piano (570x320)

living (570x320)

I’ve never wanted a formal dining room but if I had one this is what I’d do with it.

dining (570x296)

And oh my stars the kitchen. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

kitchen (570x319)

I so wish I could see a floor plan of this house. Most new homes these days have an open concept and though that is awesome I prefer to have some distinction between spaces. This home has more of a traditional layout and that’s what I’d love to recreate someday in my dream home. And I guess I should mention that the show itself was pretty good! If you’ve ever lost a spouse or child or someone else you were super close to it might be a little too intense depending on where you are in the grieving process, but it wasn’t creepy or anything (and I have a pretty sensitive creepometer. No Walking Dead for this girl).